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Building Solutions and Smart Systems

Solluna is a company specializing in application software systems, service for all domestic and foreign enterprises.


We provide smart services with reasonable cost

Our mission is to provide solutions and systems for your business at a reasonable cost.

Application Systems

Based on company’s requirement, building application systems.

Cloud Computing Solution

With global trend of using cloud computing, its benefits will help your company reduce remarkable cost invested for an IT system.

Website Design

You want the beautiful and professional website? Call us, we will implement your idea into a professional and beautiful website for you.

Smartphone Apps

Solluna builds applications on smart devices, especially Iphone and Android in order to enhance your company’s benefits.

Consulting IT Solution

Working with solluna, your business nature will be understood thoroughly in order that we can provide IT solutions suitable with company need as well as reduce company management cost.


Your company doesn’t have IT department, or requires a professional for your IT system, call us! Your requirements will be met.

Flexible Apps

The flexible/ modern apps help your work easily and comfortably.

Sale Management
Member Card Management
Salary System

About Solluna

Create and Building Solutions and Smart Systems for Customer

Who we are

Solluna is a company specializing in application software systems, service for all domestic and foreign enterprises. Solluna's mission is to contribute together with companies to increase product value of the business, but can reduce cost for business. Solluna provide optimal solutions for companies to develop software systems to serve all the requirements of each enterprise. Your business have not had demand for information technology applications yet? Ask yourself some questions as to whether we really need or not?

Have difficulties in managing customer database?

Customer data disappears with a resigned employee?

Want to keep track of work progress without presence at company?

Organize work remotely when going on business trip?

Fumble to find a way computerizing your company?

Want to get benefits from technology such as Clout Computing... but don’t know where to start?

Want to build an independent system to serve your business?

Want to get consultant of long-term IT solutions and strategies for your brainchild?

Want to reduce management and running business fee?

Why us

Solluna has experiences in building following systems for large corporation in Japan:
    - Company management system with fucntions of organization chart, staff management, workflow, schedule, data...
    - Inventory, revenue, purchase, project management systems,...
    - Building successfully systems relating to various industries such as printing, hospital...
Such sytesms are developed on strong, safe, highly interactive technological foundation which brings about many benefits to corporations and companies in Japan.

Solluna not only develops Web application but also integrates smart phone systems like Iphone, Android device into developing systems, which make it more convenient for company who uses systems we develop.

Solluna has been building accounting applications for companies providing accounting services in Vietnam.

Solluna builds smart applications serving customer management purpose.

Solluna is gradually building applications of global trend like cloud computing.

Solluna has a professional engineer team who graduated from reputable universities. The team has worked and been trained in foreign software companies such as Japan, South East Asia and Europe countries.

Solluna’s engineer team are technically proficient and has knowledge of basic business, which enables application to be developed quickly and ensures company’s schedule, as well as reduce developing cost.

Working with Solluna, you will have chances to approach global innovative technologies at “Vietnam” cost.

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